Pollo Oreganata (Chicken and Vegetables Roasted with Oregano)

Quick, simple, and zesty.

We’re in Naples for this recipe, but we’re in Venice this weekend. Don’t miss a truly special private meal at da Flora Ostaria in North Beach – my favorite restaurant. Join me this Sunday, May 22, to enjoy an authentic Venetian spring dinner, 4-courses paired with 4 special wines.

Now, on to the recipe!

Here’s a zesty dish from Campania that you can have on the table in about an hour. Not many pots and pans to clean up–it’s all made in a single oven pan. This is one of my go-to dishes when I hit the kitchen after a grueling day with nothing ready to eat. Everything will be crispy and golden brown, the fennel mellow and the chicken moist.

Have your way with this one-dish dinner. Use sausage instead of chicken. Use parsnip or turnip instead of potato.


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  1. Marie made this tonight and it was delicious, even though we didn’t have any of the super special oregano. Really not hard to make and really, really delicious. Grazie, Gianni!

    1. Ciao Stephanie. Yeah, you get a lot of deliciousness out of this dish with minimal effort. It’s one of those dishes that I turn to when I’m hungry and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Brava Marie!

  2. Been lurking for quite a while. I have wanted to try eating fennel for some time but until now never did. The video looked so darn good, ( and pretty easy ) it did the trick and I made this for my wife and me the other night.

    Very good….I could have cut the potatoes a little smaller like you did in the video but they were OK even if not quite as creamy as I would have liked. Evey thing else was perfect. I added a couple of nice sausages since I only had one half of a chicken breast.

    By the way I loved the fennel.

    1. Ciao Frank. Thanks for the comment. I’m pleased that you liked the dish. A couple of fans said that they had to leave the uncovered dish in the oven a bit longer than I suggest in the recipe. It all depends on your oven. I taste a potato to make sure it’s crispy outside and creamy inside. If it’s not to my liking I’ll leave it in the oven a bit longer. Another trick is to microwave the potatoes for a couple of minutes before you cut them to add to the dish. The partially cooked potatoes will finish nicely in the oven, crispy outside and creamy within!

  3. I’m making it now. I’ll be doubling up the chicken for leftovers but I can’t wait to try it. I’ve been watching since the first video, Gianni. Great recipes from a good man.

    1. Grazie. Let me know how it turns out. Yeah, this is a great dish for leftovers. It holds up well for a day or two. It can be re-heated in the microwave, oven or in a saute pan.

      1. I liked it and would make it again. It was my first time using fennel so thanks for getting me to try that. I also added some parsnip in place of half the potato.

        I found that I needed 25 minutes at 425F instead of 15. And next time I’ll add some more carrots. Overall it was great.

        I enjoy your commentary during the recipes. It’s very down to earth and it’s nice to see all the time spent on a recipe instead of lots of video editing. It gives the viewer a better feel for how long the dish actually takes to prepare and you tend to add several fun or instructive comments which you’re chatting. I still look forward to making your Sunday Gravy recipe a third time…the extra hour I gave things to simmer on my second try really made a big difference i the braciole.

  4. Hey, Gianni:

    I made this today…il cielo sulla mia lingua!

    I didn’t have the same oregano you did, so I had to settle for less.

    Still, it was delicious.

    1. Ciao John X.

      Heaven on your tongue. Wow!

      I’m pleased the recipe worked well for you. You are the first to let me know how it went. It’s important to get feedback so I know the recipes are working for others.

      1. Bon Giorno Gianni!
        I happened across your site today by accident. It was my lucky day! I spent an hour or so exploring and watching, which lead me to the market. I made this dish and it was meraviglioso! I loved all of the flavors that combined to make this a gem of a meal that is quick and quite easy to make!

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