Sun’s Out and So Are We

It's a sunny day, and the grass is warm.

Just a week ago we were dumping our soaking, wind-beaten umbrellas into storefront buckets, fighting for shelter. But now anybody with a roof over their head is looking out their window lustfully. Yeah, the end of March put us through a bit of hell, but April is off to a start that’s making us city-dwellers – for the moment at least – forgive the recent rain.

With temperatures flirting with 80, San Francisco locals are running to their nearest public park with a book or frisbee, a blanket and a picnic basket … a not-so-secret bottle wrapped in a paper bag. And the picnics can’t help but vary depending on the neighborhood they’re taking place in. If you make a sunny-day-at-the-park errand run in the Mission you might come back with an iced coffee and cut-off jean shorts. In the Marina, maybe a Red Bull and a protein bar. And here in North Beach, residents are hitting up stores fully stocked with prosciutto and Pelligrino. Washington Square Park is in full bloom these days. We’ll take it while we can get it.