Sausage and Peppers

Sausage and Peppers

Italian-Americans celebrate their patron saint with a neighborhood street festival each year. Festa San Gennaro in NYC’s Little Italy may be the biggest. My Rhode Island friends call these fairs Our Lady of Sausage and Peppers because the streets are lined with stalls grilling sausage and peppers for sandwiches on an Italian roll. I always have to eat at least one.

Here’s an easy one-pan recipe for this Italian-American classic. It’s a really flavorful dish you can make in less than an hour for a quick dinner or for sandwiches. The trick to this recipe is cooking the ingredients in stages and then putting them all together in the pan at the end.

I used hot Calabrian and mild or “sweet” Sicilian sausages from North Beach’s Little City Meats (Stockton and Vallejo) with Mezzetta Sweet Cherry Peppers preserved in vinegar.  G.L. Mezzetta Inc. started in the 30s as a small North Beach mom-and-pop store. Now located in the North Bay and run by the fourth-generation of the Mezzetta family their products are available nationwide.  If I don’t have vinegar peppers I made myself I always use Mezzetta.

Serve the sausage and peppers on a plate for lunch or dinner with some crusty bread or make sandwiches on an Italian roll. Either way it’s a mouthful of flavor with each bite.


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  1. Marie made this the other night with hot green pepper sausages from Little City. It was soooooo delicious! Your method of doing each step and then combining everything really makes the dish more flavorful somehow. Truly scrumptious!

    1. Ciao Stephanie. Making this dish in stages allows you to bring out the full flavor and texture of each ingredient so each one is a star when you combine everything to finish the dish.

  2. My mouth is watering thinking about this one & looking at the picture, I really like having some heat to this one. This is such a flavourful dish, mangia, mangia! Thank You

    1. The spicy, hot Calabrian salsiccia is the best. I’m with you. The hotness really pairs well with the crispy potatotes, sweet peppers. A helping hand from the vinegar peppers brings the whole dish together. Enjoy!

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