Pickled Peppers

Pickled Peppers with Oregano & Garlic

Here’s a really simple recipe to capture the bell pepper bounty in a jar for your winter pantry. Just slice the peppers into strips, make the vinegar brine and put everything in a jar.

Pickled peppers, or “vinegar peppers” as my family calls them, keep in the refrigerator for a long time. I usually eat them all before I even get close to the end of their shelf-life. These peppers are great as a crunchy snack, on an antipasti platter, on a panino, and as a bright, piquant ingredient in some of my recipes. I always keep some of these peppers around. You never know when you’ll need them.

The hardest part of this recipe is cleaning and cutting the peppers. Everything just goes in the jar. Let them cure for at least 24 hours and enjoy.  The pickled peppers just keep getting better as they sit in the brine.



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    1. Sorry folks. We lost some recipes after a software upgrade by one our blog vendors. Here’s the pickled peppers recipe for the 1 liter jar I use. 2 large bell peppers fit well.

      1 red bell pepper
      1 yellow bell pepper
      3 cups white wine vinegar
      1 cup water
      1 tablespoon sea salt
      1 tablespoon sugar
      1 teaspoon dried oregano (I use a small sprig of Sicilian oregano, use crushed dried oregano instead.)
      1 clove garlic

      1. Put the vinegar, water, sugar and salt in a bowl and whisk well until the sugar and salt is dissolved. Set the brining liquid aside.
      2. Wash the peppers, cut off the top, slice into wide strips, remove the white ribs. (2 large bell peppers fit into my 1 liter jar.)
      3. Put the sliced peppers in the jar along with the oregano and garlic.
      4. Fill the jar with the brining liquid to completely cover the peppers.
      5. Put the jar in the refrigerator. The peppers will be ready to enjoy in about 24 hours.
      Note: This is not a canning recipe used for long storage. My pickled peppers usually last about 2 weeks or so in the fridge.)

      Buon appetito!

      1. Gianni … I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful recipe. It was just as good as my Husband remembers his Mother’s being many years ago. We have tried other recipes over the years and been disappointed. We used a mild poblano-like pepper that my Husband grows every year. Because white wine vinegar is so expensive I used regular distilled white vinegar. I added a few black peppercorns and a dash of red pepper flakes. Otherwise followed your recipe to the letter. To serve I chop up a little garlic and drizzle some good olive oil on top … Simple to make and Delicious. … Won’t matter if they don’t last more than two weeks as they will be gone ! I will be making small batches of these all winter for our family to enjoy. So glad I found your site … Thanks again … Linda

    2. I tried posted my experience once before and do not see it ? I will try again 😉 I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful recipe. My husband and I have tried to duplicate his Mother’s delicious vinegar peppers in the past only to be disappointed ;( We followed your recipe to a T with only a couple of minor change (added a few red pepper flakes and a few black peppercorns to the jar and due to the fact that white wine vinegar is so expensive I used white distilled vinegar) … THEY CAME OUT GREAT … nice and crunchy … To serve I remembered my dear mother-in-law’s method and just added some chopped up garlic and a bit of good olive oil … EASY AND DELICIOUS 😉 Can’t thank you enough <3 Linda

  1. i have a bounty of peppers to harvest
    these peppers look delicious however i can’t find the recipe
    please send
    thank you

  2. Hi Gianni,

    I am so excited to try these but the recipe does not seem to appear on the page. Would you be able to re-post this?

    Thank you!

  3. Am I supposed to heat the brine? I just made refrigerator pickles and it said to heat the brine. i use these peppers for pork chops, potatoes and vinegar peppers…..

    1. Ciao Sharon. No harm in heating the brine. I use the brine at room temperature for these peppers. If you add a hot or warm brine to the peppers in the jar they may be less crisp.

      Buon appetito!

      1. Thanks. That’s what I ended up doing. I cook the peppers with the pork chops and the brine…………so we shall see how it all turns out in a few days. Thank for you quick response!

  4. What is the actual shelf life? Just want to know if it is worth making it in large or small batches.

    1. The peppers last a couple of months for me in the back (coldest) part of my refrigerator. Usually they are all gone much sooner but right now I have the last few slices from the batch I made in August. I usually make small batches, about 4 large bell peppers at a time.

      1. Thank you for the info, made them 2 days ago, I added some hot pepper flakes and black peppercorns to the jars, it gave them a little heat as you finished the pepper. Excellent just like Nanna use to make.

        1. Glad the peppers were at hit. I’m with you. Lately I’ve been adding some heat to these and other dishes. Calabrian hot peppers are my “go to” for heating a sparkle these days.

  5. Gianni, I want to thank you for this wonderful recipe. I made them 2 days ago and the jar is almost all gone. It is a great recipe and I plan to use it again. I also made your Sunday Gravy this past weekend and it was a hit with our friends we had for dinner. Thank you for sharing your recipes, they are a great joy!

    1. Ciao Dan. Thanks for sharing your experience with my recipes. Keep on cooking. There’s plenty more joy to share with you family and friends. Buon appetito!

  6. Gianni – wanted to let you know that you have inspired the family here to begin the re-learing process of preserving foods. Not only have we been making these vinegar peppers and giandinari, we resurected the recipes for the garlic and oil preserved eggplant, and the preserved mushrooms in oil, garlic and vinegar. We got together on several Sundays and made them for Christmas gifts and several for our own enjoyment. They were the hit of the holiday season. Thank you once again, for the recipes and inspiration !! Now I am off to make some bread with all these wonderful antipasti !
    Ciao – Susan

    1. Ciao Susan.

      Thanks for sharing your family experience. I’m pleased that your vinegar peppers and giardiniera were appreciated Christmas gifts. I’m running low on my supply so I’ll be making up some more soon.

      I’d love to see your recipes for the eggpland and mushrooms. Will you share them? When I was very young growing up in northern Jersey, I accompanied my Uncle Frank to forage for mushrooms in the fall. My aunt would cook them and put them up for the winter. I’d love to compare what we did each year with what you do now.


  7. Well, I thought I would share my problem with you….I prepared 3 jars of peppers. On Sunday, our grown children came over for dinner and I served these as an antipasti. Well everyone loved them, so much so that now my problem is, they took the extra jars home and I have to start all over again, and make another couple of batches. The good part is, they want to bring peppers and eggplant over for next Sunday dinner, and have me show them how to preserve them. LOL! Thanks again.

    1. Ciao Susan.

      I’m sure you love having this kind of problem! Let me know about next weekend. I’d love to hear about you passing on your food traditions to your kids.

  8. Ciao Susan.

    Piacere, my pleasure.

    I love these vinegar peppers and they’re so versatile. It’s amazing how these traditional foods bring back so many wonderful memories of people and times gone by. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    A presto.

  9. Thank you Gianni ! You brought back some wonderful memories. My dad and grandfather would make quarts and quarts of pickled peppers when I was growing up. Now however, they are gone and so are their recipes. I made this on Saturday and we had these with some friends for dinner last nite. Wonderful flavor, we served them as part of an antipasit with some cheeses, salami and bread. Thanks again, for helping me remember some fun time and flavors and for sharing your recipes.

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