Mission District’s Got Nothin’ on North Beach Murals

Have you checked out the fantastic Jeremy Fish mural that’s on the side of Tony’s Napoletana? Well, you should.

It’s a beautiful tribute not only to pizza, but to the history of North Beach and its Italian heritage. From the water buffalo that get milked to make Tony’s mozzarella, to the Leaning Tower of Pisa juxtaposed with Coit Tower, to giant pizza slices in the sky. I like it so much, I’ve added it to the stops in my walking tour.

Eater.com went as far as to suggest that North Beach could overtake The Mission as the city’s street art capital. That’s definitely some hype, but hey, here’s to hoping…

Do you know of any other good ones? Upload pics to the Facebook page.

One Reply to “Mission District’s Got Nothin’ on North Beach Murals”

  1. WHAT??? talk about some hype………
    first of all- whatever, that aint STREET ART that Fish put up there. its just a painting hung outside! real street art is from the street, it doesn’t get permission except from other graff practicioners. if that.

    the Mission is alive with graffiti, NorthBeach totally aping.

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