An Easter Dinner Menu for You

Porchetta Here’s a 4-course Easter dinner suggestion. I even threw in Italian wine pairings.

Follow my easy video demonstrations and text recipes (a fan suggests I call these “videocipes” or “recideos”) and make dinner for yourself. Bake the 2 traditional Easter Pies the day before and let them sit overnight. They’ll taste better after all the flavors meld. Make the soup the day before. It tastes best the next day too.

That’s 3 courses ready to go. You can make the main course–roasted herb-infused pork with 2 delicious sides–on Easter in just a couple of hours including cooking time.

Don’t forget to pick up your Columba Pasquale the traditional Easter bread in the shape of a dove. They’re at every North Beach caffe, deli and bakery. Hopefully you’ll find one near you. Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!


A slice of Pizza Rustica the savory cheese, salumi and ricotta deep-dish pie. A dry Prosecco pairs well.

Primo Piatto

A nice bowl of Italian Wedding Soup. Finish up the Prosecco.

Secondo Piatto

Pochetta, Sweet-Sour Onions, Truffle Roasted Potatoes go well with a hearty Aglianico, Taurasi or Lacryma Christi (Tear of Christ) all from near my mom’s village in Campania.


A sweet slice of the traditional deep-dish ricotta pie Pastiera Napoletana.



4 Replies to “An Easter Dinner Menu for You”

  1. This menu looks fabulous. I was happy to find your video on making the pastiera. I have a recipe my uncle told me was his mother’s for Pizza Ricotta, which sounds very similar, but does not include the grain. However, my uncle may have modified it; sadly, neither one of them is still alive for me to ask. Our recipe may be from the Lazio region; she lived in Sora, Frosinone. Anyway, I’ve been looking at this recipe for years, and your video makes it seem less scary and definitely do-able. Having been inspired, I bought 5 pounds of ricotta today! (That’s what our recipe calls for, and it looks like I should split it up into two pies.) Thank you.

    1. Ciao Diane. Buona Pasqua!

      The dough for the crust is the hardest part of the recipe but it only takes 5 minutes to make in a food processor and 5 minutes to roll out. Add 5 minutes to mix the filling ingredients and you can get it in the oven in just 15 minutes. OK maybe a half-hour tops. How easy is that?

      I used 2 pounds of ricotta for my pies and put the filling in a 9-inch spring-form pan. The pie is about 3 inches high. The big pan in the “8 pies on the table picture” was the one my Mom used. It’s gotta be 18 inches in diameter. I might have used about 5 pounds of ricotta for that pan.

      My sister and brother-in-law insisted I use this pan for the pie that we served at our Easter table. Our family has been using this pan at Easter for over a 75 years. It’s part of our Easter tradition and the big pie fed 21 people with a bit left over.

        1. Ciao Joey.

          Buona Pasqua.

          Yes, I serve Pizza Rustica and Pastiera Napoletana at room temperature. I’m about to go shopping for everything I need to make my pies for my Easter table.

          Buon appetito!


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