A Working Roman Holiday

Campo di Fiori Rome
Campo di Fiori Rome

Campo di Fiori, the farmer’s market in the historical center of Rome was ablaze in the morning sunshine.

The stalls were overflowing with spring bounty. Peas, artichokes, fava beans, chicory and other leafy treats, even early tomatoes, were everywhere.

I was scouting the market as I waited for Luca, my producer to show up with his video crew so we could plan tomorrow’s shoot. I wanted to see what I would cook in my apartment kitchen.

I came across Alessandro cleaning artichokes. When I took his picture he looked up and said I had to either give him one euro or a kiss. We settled on a Roman welcome embrace.

I can’t wait to share my market and cooking experience with you. New video episodes from North Beach and Roma are coming soon.

Buon appetito!



2 Replies to “A Working Roman Holiday”

  1. Gianni – I love your recipies, particularly the videos! Great! Truly great! Well done to you on everything! I’m English but live in Paris. Contrary to what most people think, the eating out isn’t so good here. Nothing wrong with sourcing the food, it’s the chefs. It seems most of the good ones have left France to work in other countries for better money and more freedom in the kitchen. But… there a couple of good Italian restaurants! And now I have your great recipies to do at home. Thanks so much for everything you are doing. You show Italian cooking at its best. Great! Thanks – Alan
    PS I see you are in Rome – or were until recently – lucky man!

    1. Ciao Alan.

      Thanks for your support. I’m just back in San Francisco after a delightful week in Rome where I shot 4 new cooking episodes and 2 weeks in Naples, the Amalfi Coast and on the beach. New episodes should be posted soon.

      Buon appetito!

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