YouTube Videos Replace Cookbooks

So says The Atlantic. Do you use YouTube videos to help you cook? (I know you’re gonna give the right answer!)

I don’t think videos will entirely replace cookbooks, which is why I include text recipes with my videos. And some folks think videos aren’t as useful. There’s value in both!

It takes some time to find good ones (although it’s easy on this site!), but the search for a cooking video is often well worth it. There are a couple of cool videos in The Atlantic post. A grandmother in Italia makes orecchiette with a water and semolina dough at her kitchen table. I learned a new pasta forming technique:

And the Clara clip is a gem. The 94-year-old sources dandelions in her suburban backyard and shows how to clean them for a salad or to cook. It is a great salad at a great price – free! Listen as she shares her Depression memories and her Sicilian-American traditions:

I enjoy making videos because I find I’ve got a lot to say about the food I prepare and cook (or am I just a huge ham?). Which cooking videos do you love? Talk about it in the comments!

2 Replies to “YouTube Videos Replace Cookbooks”

  1. Hey, Gianni:

    You’re the king.

    In the months ahead, I’m going to try all your recipes at my biweekly dinners. I share your videos with my buddies and they agree with me—we want to jump into the computer monitor and grab that food off the plate.

    Keep up the good work. If you ever publish a cookbook, let me know. I’ll buy several copies.

    John X

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