Strawberry Liqueur (Liquore di Fragole)

Liquore di Fragole (Strawberry Liqueur)

Making liquore di fragole is one of my end of summer traditions. I love strawberries–I want their flavor and aroma with me all winter long.

Hull a pint of strawberries and let them steep in grain alcohol or vodka–wait 24 hours and you have strawberry essence in a bottle. How easy is that?

When I can’t stand the cold winter rain anymore a sip of this aromatic nectar with a kick does the trick. Spring and the first strawberries can’t be that far away.

Serve the liquore di fragole in a cordial glass to top off a dessert course, or pour some liquore over vanilla gelato and you got the whole dessert course in a bowl!

So it’s just strawberries here. Make sure you get the last of the organic ripe summer harvest still at their peak. I like Everclear, a grain alcohol that’s 151 proof (75.5 percent alcohol) because it has very little flavor of its own. If 151 is too big a punch for you 80 or 100 proof unflavored vodka works well too.



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