SF Examiner in My Kitchen

Gianni hosting a dinner event at Caffe BaoNecci
Hosting a dinner event at Caffe BaoNecci

My producer Jeff Diehl and I were making plans to shoot three new episodes last month. Amy Crawford and Mike Koozmin, a reporter and photographer at the San Francisco Examiner, asked if they could join us. After wrapping the last episode and sharing chicken escarole soup, sausage frittata and calamari fritti hot out of the pan, we sat down to talk about North Beach, my village-style of living here, and our website. I think they nailed it in the piece:

A lawyer by training but an epicurean by nature, Mola stars in “Gianni’s North Beach,” a cooking show that airs online at Gianni.tv. On the program, he demonstrates family recipes made with distinctive ingredients found in local Italian shops, which he plugs by name. Mola also blogs about North Beach, leads walking tours of the neighborhood and hosts dinners at North Beach restaurants.

It’s all part of his effort to keep the Italian-American culture of North Beach alive.