Pizza Championship In Vegas Next Week

Pizza Tossing in North Beach

Do you have what it takes to be a World Pizza Champion? I just may have to fly to Vegas for the World Pizza Championship & Games on March 13 to find out. Everyone in the pizza biz will be there.

There are 5 events in the competition.

  • Show your moves in the Freestyle Acrobatics competition
  • Fastest Dough: How fast can you toss out five 12″ doughs?
  • Largest Dough: How big can you make 18 ounces of dough in just 5 minutes?
  • Fastest Box Folding: How fast can you fold five 12″ pizza boxes?
  • Longest Spin: How long can you keep a dough spinning over your head?
The contests might not have a lot to do with making a fantastic pizza but the games sure are fun to watch. Tony Gemignani of North Beach’s Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is a Founding Champion and has won 10 times! If you’re lucky on a nice day you may see Tony or one of the other guys doing pizza acrobatics outside the pizzeria.


Don’t worry Tony’s isn’t all show. I love their pies. Grab a slice at the Slice House next to the pizzeria. They make a bunch of styles from a big New York cheese slice or white Roman pizza sold by the meter. Eat at a table on the parklet right outside. If you want a whole pie grab a table at the pizzeria on the corner. There’s outside seating on the Union Street side.