In Italy – An Ancestral Discovery

In Italy - An Ancestral Discovery
Sometimes food tells a story. The camera caught me pausing in the middle of making a Sunday Gravy for our next episode, to tell about an experience I had in my mother’s Italian birth village, Mirabella Eclano.

Be sure to see the details of Gianni’s guided cooking trip to Italy in September.

7 Replies to “In Italy – An Ancestral Discovery”

  1. The smell of moms meatballs on Sunday morning waffedted into my bedroom… I was in the kitchen In a flash..begging for PLAIN MEATBALLS BEFOE THEY WENT INTO THE SAUCE. that was my favorite, and still is!

    1. Ciao Terri. I know exactly what your talking about. My Mom lightly tapped me on the hand with her wooden spoon if I took more than one meatball hot out of the frying pan. Now I have to guard mine!

  2. Hey RoRo. Yeah Mommy didn’t like it when we stole too many meatballs. She always made extra. Extra gravy too because she knew we would be dunking Calandra’s bread into the pot. We’ll post an episode on Sunday Gravy soon. Meatball, pork and beef braciole, it’s all in that episode. I choked up trying to close the episode it brought back so many memories.

  3. Hey John,
    Mom’s Sunday gravy was the greatest not only the bracioli but the meatballs we used to steal after Mass.
    You should share her meatball recipe they were special.

  4. That’s exactly how it happened. I was there and Gianni made us crazy with his “woolees” (american/neapolitan slang for vuole (he wants). At least, that’s where we think the word comes from.

    1. Hi Marie. Thanks for the post. That was a great trip that included our search for ancestor history in those little towns in Campania. I’m starting to get a wooley for Italia again!

  5. That’s a great story. I heard a saying – ” You will find whatever it is that you”re looking for.” It’s wonderful that the woman knew that your mother made it for you!

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