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Porchetta–Herb Filled Pork Roast

A while ago a post, Forget Food Network! 7 Cool Online Cooking Shows, appeared on Milwaukee Radio’s website. Gianni’s North Beach was #5.

After all this time many of my site visitors come from Milwaukee Radio, 88.9 on your FM dial. So here’s a shout out to my friends in the heartland. Thanks for visiting.

Milwaukee Radio’s cool site celebrates Milwaukee music, diversity and culture. I’m tickled that my Porchetta, an herb-filled pork roast, was included in the Top 7 along with NY Times’ Mark Bittman and 5 other passionate cooks.

Some people disagree with the Giada De Laurentiis reference in the Cool Online Cooking Shows piece. What do you think?

Here’s my Porchetta video episode that still plays well in Milwaukee. The video also includes 2 more recipes for sides to serve with the Porchetta–onions in a sweet & sour sauce and truffled roasted potatoes. Buon appetito!

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