Every year, Gianni takes a food pilgrimage to Italy. In the past, he’s met up with groups of friends and led them on culinary adventures through various regions, opening  up local worlds of Italian culture that are often unavailable to the common tourist.

This year, he’s inviting you to join him. In partnership with Global Epicurean LLC and its founder Vanessa DellaPasqua, he’s designed an 8-day trip to the culinary heart of Italy that includes all lodging and in-country transportation, plus hands-on cooking instruction, and cultural exploration to activate all your senses.

It’s limited to 24 people to keep it intimate. Some of the things you’ll experience during your voyage:

  • Learn pasta-making from a real Sfoglina, a dying breed of dedicated pasta wizards.
  • Hunt wild mushrooms in the Apennine mountains.
  • Witness the creation of oils, cheeses, and balsamic vinegars at their sources.
  • Explore medieval villages and lesser-known food markets for vegetables, meats, and fish.

Follow this link to read all the details, and to secure your spot.