Friday Recipe: da Flora’s Arancini with a Spicy Aioli

Arancini with aioli

All of those who gathered at my private Sunday dinner at da Flora raved about our il pranzo. The women at da Flora were at the top of their game!

Jen, the genius in the kitchen, shared a couple of her recipes. Here’s my adaptation of her arancini and spicy aioli┬árecipes. These rice balls and aioli are easy to make and are absolutely delicious.



More photos from the exclusive dinner event at da Flora…

4 Replies to “Friday Recipe: da Flora’s Arancini with a Spicy Aioli”

  1. Forgive me, this is probably a stupid question, but I’m assuming the shrimp is raw to start?

    1. Yes the shrimp is raw to start. These are small arancini so the shrimp will fully cooked when taken out of the oven. If you are making larger arancini you may want to cook the shrimp first.

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