Free Cooking Holiday in the Village with Gianni

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Gianni in the Kitchen, North Beach, San Francisco

UPDATE: Successful! Thanks to everyone who came out and spent a few hours in Gianni’s North Beach.

Are you in town for the holiday? Don’t be bored, I’ve got something for you to do. Join me as I expand out of this claustrophobic computer machine and into the real world!

Come along as I source a meal at local North Beach vendors, explaining how I choose only the best ingredients. Follow me back up the hill to my kitchen where we’ll cook the meal, and I’ll instruct you in my techniques of preparation and presentation; then sit down at my table to eat that meal with some fine Italian wine.

My kitchen is pretty small, so there are a limited number of spots open. This is a great opportunity to see me in action in my natural habitat, and to receive one-on-one instruction in authentic Italian cooking. RSVP now!

When: Saturday, December 18th, 12pm-3pm
Where: On Top of the Hill!

No, this doesn’t cost you any money; it’s my way of spreading holiday cheer. Just fill out the short form below and we’ll be in contact with you about confirmation, and the details of the meal.

Note: If you don’t make it into one of the spots for this event, never fear, we’re planning some public cooking demonstrations for the New Year.