Ditali Pasta with Peas & Onions

Ditali with Peas & Onions

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes. The sauce is done in the time that it takes to cook the pasta.

I made it for a recent family reunion meal and there was a bit of tussle at the table as everyone scrambled to get a second helping.

The pressure was on when I made this one. Two of my sisters were with me and I had to satisfy their taste memories of my Mom’s version of this dish. Luckily it was a hit all around.

My vegan niece was able to eat this dish. I just set the sauteed peas and onions aside and finished the sauce with pasta water from her vegan pasta.


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  1. Where’s the recipe? The link for it is there:


    but the recipe is not. Looked really good too. Wanted to try it tonight.

  2. Ciao Gianni. You whetted my appetite but I didn’t have the right ingredients. So, I used elbows instead of ditali and edamame instead of peas. It was very good. Stop rolling your eyes – not everyone is as traditional as you.

    1. Ciao Maria.
      Hey it’s your kitchen. Sometimes you gotta use what you got. I’m sure that your dish was great. Brava!

      I love it when folks make these recipes their own. My only suggestion is to make the dish the way I suggest so that you get an accurate idea of what the dish is intended to be. After that have you way with it. If you and those at your table like your adaptation, that’s all that really matters.

    1. Ciao Mike.
      My family loves lupini beans as part of our antipasti. We usually eat lupini beans right out of the jar seasoned with salt, pepper and EVOO. The adults and kids at the table love to pop the beans into their mouth leaving the skin behind. I’ll come up with a dish featuring lupini beans soon.

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