Deep Dish in North Beach?

Future Home of Capos

Tony Gemignani of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana on Washington Square is taking over the Pulcinella space for a place he’ll call “Capos.” Not sure about the name. (Capo is often a reference to an organized crime boss, and that may not sit well with those concerned about negative stereotypes.)

So, what’s it gonna be? My sources tell me that he will do Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. I hear he’ll move his pizza school to the Vallejo Street location, too [UPDATE: This has been confirmed by Eater].

Buona fortuna, Tony! Thanks for another investment in North Beach!

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  1. I think this is a great idea! This has been a difficult location, however. I always thought this property, as well as the Piazza Market next door, could make themselves more appealing by adding some nice greenery/potted plants/flowers on the adjacent sidewalk, as it just doesn’t look nice, like a place that draws you in. It would make it more reminiscent of a charming Italian street, instead of a cold swath of concrete on the border of Chinatown. Seriously, when you go to Italy (or anywhere, for that matter) don’t you migrate toward the charming cafe with little table tucked under the trees?

    Back to pizza, as a part-time New Yorker, I am partial to thin, charred crust. However, I think a deep-dish spot would be successful as there is not much to be found in this town, and it would be a nice change of pace for the frequent pie eater, such as myself.

    1. Ciao Steph.

      This is a great block with a lot of promise.

      I’m told by those who’ve seen the 13 foot canvas mural just found behind a wall during the Capos renovation that the mural is a gorgeous 50s oil painting snapshot of the street from St. Francis Church on the far side of Columbus to Victoria Bakery at the Stockton corner. The mural is probably from the famed Adolfo’s restaurant, the last prosperous business in that space.

      There’s hope for this Vallejo block. Pinnochio’s on the corner has popular outside tables. Next door, Geppetto’s, the new salumeria (Italian deli), will open soon. Capos will draw a crowd. The bakery may take root. The Vallejo block just on the other side of Columbus will be closed soon for the new piazza stretching from Caffe Trieste at Grant to the St. Francis chapel at Columbus.

      I’m optimistic. This block will blossom soon. It won’t be long before another North Beach artist is painting a great Vallejo street scene.

      1. I am pleased you are so optimistic! I am a long-time resident and I admittedly get frustrated with the slow pace of positive transformation in the neighborhood. I work very hard at trying to abate graffiti and illegal dumping, increase greening and tree plantings, and I am very supportive of new businesses in the area. Historically there has been a lot of apathy, making it hard to get things done. Looks like things may finally be changing?! I just returned from Sicily, and I am feeling even more nostalgic for the Italian charm of North Beach.

        VERY excited about the mural, any word on it’s new home? It would be great if it could be an outdoor location where it may be enjoyed by the masses, of course it would need to be protected lest it be destroyed by vandals Ala the “Gold Mountain” mural at Romolo and Broadway. This is yet another of my very frustrating personal quests to improve the neighborhood.

        Thanks, Gianni, and long live North Beach!

        1. Bravo, keep up you’re work to support our North Beach neighborhood. We have not found a permanent home for the “Song of Pulcinella” mural. I’d love to hang the mural outside but it would have to be encased to protect it from the elements. Others think it should be hung outside, others suggest the North Beach Library. I will contact Supervisor Chiu to see if his office can assist in finding a place where the mural can be enjoyed by all.

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