A Permanent Pop-Up In North Beach?

Amante Has A Permanent Pop-Up

Permanent Pop-Up. That’s an oxymoron isn’t it? Pop-up food purveyors pop up for a short while and then go away to pop-up somewhere else, right?

Well that’s not the case with Chubby Noodle, the permanent pop-up restaurant at the Green Street bar Amante. This is the first pop-up in North Beach.

If you get hungry while drinking just order an Asian-influenced dish from Chubby Noodle. Pete Mrabe the owner of Don Pisto’s over on Union is running Chubby Noodle. It’s open evenings from Tuesday through Saturday.

Don Pisto’s is open for brunch and dinner. Their smart take on traditional Mexican street food is delicious. I love the tacos and you gotta try the Margaritas.

Kudos to Pete Mrabe for bringing 2 diverse eating spots to the Village. He is attracting a new audience to North Beach. Bravo!

Here’s the Chronicle’s Paolo Lucchesi’s Inside Scoop post.