2 North Beach Pizza Margheritas On Top 10 List

Tony's Pizza Napoletana
Tony’s Pizza Napoletana


2 of the pizzas on Chow’s Top 10 Pizza Margheritas in the Bay Area list are made right here in North Beach: Caffe Baonecci on Green near Grant and Tony’s Pizza Napoletana on Stockton at Union.

The Gambaccini family at Baonecci really make you feel at home and they make a really, really good pie. Tony only makes 73 margheritas a day so get there early to snag one.

Now that the weather is getting nicer you can grab an outside table at both of these pizzerie.

I’ve raved about Anthony Mangieri and his Una Pizza Napoletana in SOMA. His pies are among the best I’ve had anywhere and he’s really into making pizza. Anthony’s on the Chow’s Best Pizza Margherita list too.

Buon appetito!

4 Replies to “2 North Beach Pizza Margheritas On Top 10 List”

  1. Great Site! You’re a great cook. Reminds me a lot of my family cooking in Trentino Alto-Adige.
    Would you please give a receipt for ‘Cavazunes’? These were served during St. Joe’s Day but I like them all year. Thanks!


  2. You’ve talked me into making your pies this Easter. I’m making the savory one tonight for practice. Thank you for all the recipes and videos. You really should make more of the vids. For some reason I find the recipes much more to my liking than what’s on tv these days. Every one of them I’ve tried has worked out great.

    Have a wonderful springtime !

    1. Ciao Peter.

      Good luck with the Pizza Rustica.

      I’m shooting some new episodes next week. My producer should have a new one ready to post in a couple of weeks.

      Thanks for your support.


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